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Chocolate Tree - cacao pod on a cacao tree

Ethical Chocolate

All our cocoa comes from smallholder farms in South and Central America, we work closely with partners in each origin and visit the farms and communities ourselves when we can to better understand the supply chain and ensure our chocolate is not only organically farmed in an agroforestry system but also delivering authentic premiums to the producers. Read more…

Everything delivered in perfect condition – many thanks!!


The hot chocolate is actually liquid chocolate, heaven in a tea cup.

Jennie S

Thank you for your wonderful chocolate, we’ve really enjoyed everything we’ve been purchasing from your on-line shop.

Alana Lawson

My sister received her chocolates today & loves them. Many thanks for helping to get them to her!


I was just spreading the word about your indescribably fantastic chocolate, which made me realize of all the myriad things I miss about Edinburgh — I lived there for a year, 2009-2010 — The Chocolate Tree is right at the top of the list. Heavenly products, and a great company. May you live long and prosper!


We are both “foodies” and have no hesitation in saying that you have an outstanding product which is far superior to most of the mass produced confection on the market and you deserve to succeed. We will spread the word on your behalf. Keep up the good work!

Leonard & Carol Mair

If chocolate did grow on trees I’d want it to be as delicious as this. The Chocolate Tree are very special, because not only do they make some of the best organic chocolate I’ve ever tasted… they make it four miles from my house!


The Chocolate Tree is absolutely wonderful and is one of the few places in Edinburgh I consider true high-quality, in all aspects of its operation. I am an authentic, dark-chocolate lover and The Chocolate Tree has become my number one source for the stuff 🙂


Ethical & Sustainable

We source single origin & heirloom cacao from South & Central America, working only with cacao producers who are ensuring organic agroforestry farming practises and providing a guaranteed higher income to farmers.

Chocolate Tree - cacao farmer with wheelbarrow full of cacao pods
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