Venezuela Porcelana 85%


Porcelana; the famous heirloom cacao of Venezuela. This rare variety fruits a beautifully light pod, yielding a superior nutty flavour.

4 bags of Porcelana have arrived from Venezuela. Our partners Gaia Cacao have been working hard to bring us the finest in authentic Venezuelan cacao. We’ve adjusted the roast time a little to express more of the nutty flavours in this 85% cocoa content bar, a darker chocolate yet lighter in colour due to the special genetics. With limited supply this bar is now a limited edition.

Cocoa Content 85%
Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Partially organic | Weight 40g / 80g
Made in a factory that handles dairy and nuts

Typical Values 100g
energy 2069
kcal 493
fat 42.3
-of which saturates 24.8
Carbohydrates 42
-of which sugar 15
Protein 10.5
Fibre 24
salt 0.00


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