Artisan Chocolates

From bean to bonbon…

A labour of love, we expertly craft our chocolates in micro batches. The chocolate we use is our own, made in house ‘from bean to bar’. Using our own chocolate gives us exceptional flavours and reflects our teams ability to fuse technical precision and creativity together, creating something closer to art than food.

Choose between our classic, vegan or caramel collection and look out for seasonal specials. Kindly note we are using fresh ingredients and they will typically arrive with 4 to 5 weeks until their best before date.

Please allow an extra few days for delivery at this very busy time of year, we will do our best to ensure all chocolates are delivered on time for Christmas.

Organic 100g Craft Chocolate Bars

Visually stunning works of edible art carefully crafted in small batches. Our dedication and passion for outstanding classic and inventive flavours combined with a responsible approach.  We source organic cacao liquor from Peru, where the cacao trees grow amongst other plants and wildlife. We work directly with cooperatives who ensure a high price is paid to farmers.

Hot Chocolate

Heart and soul warming hot chocolate! These single origin organic flakes are ideal for melting into your favourite milk, dairy or plant based. Like our chocolate bars all our hot chocolate flakes are made from organic agroforestry cacao traded directly with the cooperatives at origin. Go on, indulge a little…

Chocolate Covered

Our new range of chocolate covered goodies! Here in time for Halloween, these premium yummy chocolate treats are made using organic ingredients and directly traded agroforestry cacao.

1KG of Chocolate

Chocolate for chefs in easy to melt, (and nibble) tempered buttons and delicate chocolate flakes for hot chocolate and baking.

Cacao beans for home enthusiasts and cacao husk (our by-product) for making chocolate tea, or infusing cacao flavour into oils and other wizardry. We spread it on the garden mostly.

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